Baba Buddha is a unique personage in Sikhism. He was a contemporary of the first six Sikh Gurus and had personally performed the anointment ceremony for Gurus from second to sixth.

Baba Buddha was born in 1506 AD in village Kathu Nangal (District Amritsar). He met Guru Nanak for the first time in 1518 AD when the Guru had visited his village. He impressed the Guru as having an old head on young shoulders and won the appellate of "Buddha" (old). In 1604 AD Baba Buddha became the first Granthi (priest of the Golden Temple and in that capacity completed the first path (perusal) of the Adi Granth.

Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji had no offspring from his first marriage. His first wife Mata Ram Devi died without giving birth to a child. Then He was married to Mata Ganga Ji. At Guru Ji's behest, Mata Ganga Ji went to to Baba Buddha and ask for a boon. Baba Ji broke an onion and predicted that she will have a son who will break the heads of the enemies like this, and destroy the cruel oppressors. This boon proved to be true as later Guru Hargobind Sahib was born to her who lived up to the above expectations. "Dal Bhanjan Gur Soorma"
. He passed away in 1631 AD at village Ramdas (District Amritsar). Guru Hargobind performed the last rites. Two shrines stand at Ramdas in memory of Baba Buddha; Gurdwara Tap Asthan, which was the residence for the family and Gurdwara Samadhan where he was cremated. So much respected was Baba Buddha among the Sikh masses that after the execution of Guru Arjan and when Guru Hargobind was in the prison in Gawalior, the affairs of the community were left, among others, in the hands of Baba Buddha and Bhai Gurdas.
The Sikh masses were extremely restive when, at the orders of Jahangir, Guru Hargobind was interned in the Gwalior Fort. Baba Budhha Ji would lead a band of Sikhs to Gwalior and return after going round the Fort with reverence. Mohsin Fani writes that Sikhs could be seen in batches any time on the Grand Trunk Road, on their way to Gwalior.
Earlier he had played an important role in the development of Sikh institutions. He had devoted himself zealously to tasks such as the digging of the baoli at Goindwal under the instructions of Guru Amardas and the excavation of the sacred tank at Amritsar under Guru Ramdas and Guru Arjan. When Guru Hargobind raised the Akal Takhat, the first platform was built by Baba Buddha and Bhai Gurdas after the corner stone had been laid by the' Guru and no third person was involved.

Baba Buddha - An Epitome of Sikhi

Baba Buddha calledGuru Hargobind to village Ramdas after he had a premonition of death. On receiving the message Guru Sahib went to him and made obesiance to him in the manner done to Guru Nanak. Baba Ji took an exception. On Guru Ji's request, Baba Buddha explained to him the sublime teachings of the first five Gurus. Guru Sahib described Baba Buddha as an absolute epitome of "Sikhi".

Baba Budha Ji conversing with a herder

Baba Buddha Ji as a young boy pays obeisance to Guru Nanak, who blessed him with the title of 'Baba Buddha'