Rupinderpal Singh Dhillon.

Born in London in 1969, initially lived in Southall until 1984, when moved to Hounslow. Later in 1991 moved to Beaconsfield in Buckinghamshire and then Bedworth, near Coventry. Has been living in Reigate Area in Surrey since marriage in 1999.

Primary language was Punjabi in Southall and Hounslow, in early days. Formal education like all new generation in the UK is in English.

First studied at Featherstone School in Southall, then later Hounslow College, where O levels were sat, with particular success in English Literature.  A levels were taken at Windsor and Maidenhead College in 1990, where won the Albert Beverstock award. Wrote first Poems in English, having Pater Dominus Published by College Rag Mag. While at Hounslow college wrote first novel, Gunhawk, which was never published. The manuscript was given to a Bobby Teji who lives in Southall.

Went to University at Oxford, where Hotel Management was studied. Past with a BSc Hons and later did a Masters in Design and Manufacture at De Montfort in Leicester.

Professionally pursued a career in Accounting, and is now an Accountant for the Police in London.

Wrote the Morbid Metaphors ( English Poetry ) in 1999.  Published I seek Perfect, an English poem about arrange marriages in 2000, in First Time Magazine. Had other poems also published in Poetry Magazines.

Went to Sikh Exhibition in 1999 at the V & A. This influenced the writing of Annexation ( Adhikar). The novel has never been completed as it was about Sikhs, and the western media were not interested. The first two sections however were published on the internet by various Sikh related websites, including Sikhlionz and Sikhspectrum. The Sikh Spectrum has also Published Ashes at Amritsar and other poems too.

In 2001 discovered Punjabi language, and self taught the alphabet and basic grammar using KS Kalra’s teach Yourself Punjabi book.  Went onto to create modern Punjabi words for the Animal Kingdom in Punjabi. A database of 500 words was given to Khuswant Singh of

Recently learned about Punjabi Literature and consequently wrote short story Khushjeevan and Dil Deeah Peeha for These are the world’s first example of British Dialect of Punjabi used by the new generation being placed in written format. In 2005 this was followed up by Harh, which le to the basis of British Punjabi novel Nila Noor, the first of its kind. This has been completed but is presently going through spell check, before final Publishing through Khushjeevan Kitabaa, a sub label of Meadow Books, UK.

If the novel is received well by British Punjabi Youth and Punjabis in general, intends to follow up with a Sci Fi Punjabi novel and a modern Diaspora Punjabi Dictionary. Has also attempted some Punjabi poetry, such as Dukh (2005) which have been published by, however is more comfortable writing in Prose.

Desi Radio in Southall, are currently assisting in Pushing the promotion of Nila Noor. Has been invited by to write articles about Punjabi culture. Has also published free Punjabi lessons on, as well as had extracts of above work published on Likari and Quami Ekta in 2005. Has been touted by Western media as the father of Punglish writing, although personally hates this title, as it downgrades British Dialect and usage of Punjabi. Going to Desi Radio has already resulted in another Brit Punjabi coming forward, Amarjeet Bolla, who is a UK born and bred Punjabi Singer Writer. The hope is that a neo Punjabi Literature movement will begin in the UK.